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“We want a website designed like Apple’s.” That’s a word we hear frequently from clients while describing what they need out of a website redecorate. It pops up in sales pitches, method classes, and in consumer feedback on style tiles and wireframes.

We get it—we adore Apple’s website design, too! But in in addition dialogue, we strive to flesh out simply why a client likes Apple’s web page. It’s normally this type of six things:

1. Clear Navigation

Despite the breadth in their services and products, Apple has installed a clear hierarchy of records on their site. The top navigation bar capabilities best seven class choices and 3 clean icons. Even greater surprising, Apple’s pinnacle navigation does no longer characteristic a single drop-down sub-menu. Users have a clean knowledge of in which they could navigate. Complex menus can complicate the person revel in and result in excessive leap rates and better purchaser attrition.

Apple’s internet site navigation menu is obvious and prominent

On each in their seven center landing pages, a sub menu displays under the pinnacle navigation bar. This sub-menu works as a slider and displays the goods and services that suit beneath that class. This secondary navigation bar works as it, too, has a sincere layout.

By building a honestly prepared and described navigation device into their website, Apple guarantees that users can locate what they are looking for quickly and easily. Information hierarchy and clean navigation is a must for any website that prioritizes person enjoy. Apple is a shining example of what clean navigation seems like.

2. Simple Design

One common trouble lots of businesses run into is attempting to healthy an excessive amount of content into too small of a place. One homepage should have more than one paragraphs, pictures, motion pictures, purchaser testimonials, product facts, and more.

Too lots content material on the display screen makes a site appearance cluttered and outdated. Page sizes tend to be larger as web designs emphasize scrolling down a web page over clicking via multiple pages. However, a clean website design could make a massive quantity of content material seem more achievable.

Apple manages to do that by using white backgrounds and poor area. There are not too many words seen at one time in your screen. The internet site also has simple shades, typefaces, and portraits, helping it look organized and simple.

Apple’s website online functions clean, simple design the use of white backgrounds and terrible area

Apple’s homepage has one big slider that functions new products, and four smaller sections that highlight activities, sales, and merchandise of secondary significance. Beyond that, the page handiest has a easy pinnacle navigation bar and a footer. Even product pages that characteristic designated information approximately technical specifications, software, and hardware are stored easy. No count what device you operate to view the product page, information is unfold out enough to ensure simplest one product spotlight is regarded at a time.

By now not overwhelming customers with an excessive amount of content material, Apple continues their net layout simple. There are instances when a greater content material-heavy, complicated format makes experience, however if Apple is the foundation in your internet site, you’re possibly partial to undeniable, easy design.

three. High Quality Images

It’s super what an awesome photograph can do. Apple’s website doesn’t have an strangely massive amount of images, however each one is extremely high excellent. A internet site with a lovely format, clean navigation, and current style can be completely undercut by means of dated or low-decision imagery.

The nice choice is wonderful photos owned by way of you. Images that characteristic your business, your products, and your personnel maximum correctly replicate your business and can set up a degree of consider with your clients. If that’s not an alternative, there are masses of websites in which you can discover notable stock pictures that in shape your brand and internet site wishes. Avoid tacky, posed inventory photos because additionally they appearance dated.

Make positive all pics or images are high satisfactory and excessive decision

Photography on Apple’s internet site capabilities their products, regularly in contexts in which humans are definitely using the product. Although product imagery is crucial, showing your merchandise in “real life” environments permits clients to look and believe them in use.

4. Modern Style

Brands and web sites can all be placed alongside a layout scale from Traditional to Modern. Although neither aspect is higher (there are a lot of sturdy successful manufacturers with very conventional styled websites), if you’re aiming for a website designed like Apple’s, you possibly have a current experience in thoughts.

Apple achieves a present day look and feel the use of minimalist colorations. White, black, and grey dominate the website online’s colour spectrum, offset by way of pops of coloration that highlight sure elements on a web page. Apple additionally uses a smooth, san-serif font at some stage in the web page. Negative space is abundant on the website; the plurality of screen region at any second is a white historical past.

Apple has a cutting-edge style with minimalist colorations and plenty of white space

A cutting-edge fashion internet site works for Apple because it’s miles a contemporary emblem, producing modern generation merchandise and usually aiming to convert the marketplace. If that’s similar to your logo, then a modern-day design fashion might also make sense for you.

5. Brand and Design Continuity

Consistency is key to any website. If a internet site has special fonts and colours on each page, every page’s purpose will become much less clear. Inconsistency also makes it tough to convey a brand picture. Maintaining a internet site with large amounts of content material calls for clean administrative roles and a detailed virtual style manual.

Apple maintains consistent branding throughout a couple of merchandise and pages

Although Apple has a big web site with thousands of pages, there’s in no way any doubt that each page belongs to Apple. While certain pages or subsections of the web page may have a unique layout or capability, all of them maintain the Apple brand.

If you’re proud of your logo, you want your whole internet site to reflect it. Apple’s website does just that—which is yet another cause it evokes such a lot of small commercial enterprise proprietors.

6. Popularity

Let’s be real: Everyone desires a popular internet site. Sometimes customers “want a domain like Apple’s” now not because their manufacturers or patterns are comparable, but because they want their website to generate new leads and grow their enterprise’s presence inside the market.

Apple’s recognition attracts large visitors, both online and at Apple Stores

If that’s the case, superb! A redesigned website with clear navigation, brand continuity, and defined consumer paths will serve your web site traffic properly, main more interested customers closer to conversion. That’s why pairing a a success internet site redecorate with a purpose-centered virtual advertising strategy will help your website emerge as a high-appearing virtual income pipeline.

The Lesson: Be Yourself

It’s okay to take concept from Apple’s website, but every enterprise has a unique approach, patron base, and imaginative and prescient that have to guide their website redecorate venture. The maximum a success website may be advanced to fulfill the precise wishes of your business enterprise whilst also being designed to serve your users.

Who is aware of? Maybe in some years, a group of digital groups might be writing blogs about your internet site!

Getting Apple Web Design for Your Business

At DBS, we have two decades of enjoy designing and developing websites with the identical stage of great and overall performance you expect from Apple’s internet site.

If you’re interested by leveraging our organisation services to construct or redesign a site on your enterprise, please contact us to find out how we can assist.

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