The 13 Cheapest Website Developers In 2021

Times have modified. There’s no motive why launching your very own website need to cost an arm and a leg. You should, of direction, ask someone to layout the internet site for you, however our suggestions beneath are some of the cheapest website developers that is probably a higher alternative for you.

The most inexpensive website developers in detail

The following equipment will let you create low-fee websites. You can use these to create websites for SMEs, agencies, or even private tasks.

The maximum famous internet site platform international is, genuinely, WordPress. It’s envisioned that 35% of all websites run on it. This is specifically thanks to the loose open-supply version, The disadvantage is that it’s now not exactly unfastened, as you’ll want to host your website someplace. That’s why here we speak about, which makes all of this tons less complicated: net hosting, and a domain name for the primary 12 months, are protected, and as you’ll see, at a completely low charge.

Starting at $four/month at the Personal plan. It includes a respectable 6GB of web garage and unlimited pages! The handiest small drawback is the footer advert: “Powered via” is displayed. You can customize it, even though, so it most effective says “” or can also simply display the WP logo, which is very small. See an instance here (at the very backside). You’ll additionally have access to round a hundred loose templates and personal support.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide monthly plans, at you constantly must pre-pay for at least twelve months. If you want to pay month by way of month you ought to check out Weebly.


  • Personal: $4 a month
  • Premium: $eight a month
  • Business: $25 a month
  • eCommerce: $45 a month

Additional reductions are available if you pay upfront for the primary 2 years.

> Try without cost


Even though Webnode lacks a few of the capabilities that include other internet site developers (e.g. ecommerce), you may easily create a multilingual website. It’s an smooth-to-use answer with contemporary internet site designs which might be robotically optimized for cell gadgets. For greater facts, test out our Webnode evaluate.

If you are seeking out a low-cost solution, each the Limited and Mini plans are quite appealing. Limited still suggests the small Webnode footer advert but helps you to connect a website name. Mini doesn’t display ads and includes a loose area name for 1 12 months. It’s a super plan for a small non-public or professional internet site.


  • Limited: $three.90 a month
  • Mini: $7.50 a month
  • Standard: $12.90 a month
  • Profi: $22.90 a month

Find more details about Webnode’s pricing plans here.

> Try Webnode for free

Find our entire Web Editor evaluation right here: Try right here: … Review: Pros and Cons of the Web Editor


If you need to create a internet site on a limited price range, there’s no website builder less expensive than Prices start at $2.49 a month in case your internet site is 5 pages or fewer. However, if you need greater than five pages, you’ll need to pay $7.forty eight per month, which isn’t so cheap. It’s excellent to endure in thoughts that different answers offer more complete programs (e.g. Wix or Weebly). The right news is that on pinnacle of the website builder, these programs consist of hosting, so that you can combine WordPress or comparable content managers. For greater facts, see our evaluate.


  • Standard: $2.forty nine a month (Beginner plan + Standard internet site builder)
  • Premium: $7.48 a month (Beginner plan + Premium internet site builder)
  • Online Shop: $sixteen.ninety nine a month

Discounts available for the primary year.

> Try for free


Check out our Weebly evaluation and examine it with other website builders: Try Weebly without cost: …

Weebly Review: Pros and Cons of the Website Builder (Version four)

2016-09-29T10:fifty four:27.000Z

Weebly is also easy to use and gives a huge variety of first-rate templates that mechanically adapt to all gadgets (e.g. drugs and smartphones). What I love about it’s far that its blog may be very bendy, with great beneficial functions for bloggers like tags, classes, publish scheduling, and so forth. For extra records, examine our Weebly evaluation.

A bit gain is that Weebly additionally gives plans you may pay month with the aid of month. For that, they fee a small top class however at the least it’s possible – most other internet site builders don’t provide this option.


  • Personal: $6 a month
  • Professional: $12 a month
  • Performance: $26 a month

> Try Weebly for free


Their designs are pretty cool, they look very cutting-edge and a chunk distinct from most competitors’. However, we’d like to see more templates coming in. On top of making a website or an internet keep, Ucraft functions a landing web page builder. A excellent way to collect email signups and what’s high-quality is that you can connect a website call you already very own totally free. If you are planning to create more complex websites you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro Website plan which starts at $10 according to month.


  • Pro Website: $10 a month
  • Pro Shop: $21 a month

> Try Ucraft without cost


To attempt Wix free of charge, click on here: Find a greater particular Wix evaluate here: …

Wix Review: A excellent desire for creating a website in 2019?

2018-08-21T13:forty seven:34.000Z

No cheap website builder combines design and ease of use like Wix. Its gadget is so flexible, you can circulate the elements around but you want. Plus, it has useful tools for freelancers and organizations which can make your every day easier (e.g. Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants, or Wix Bookings). One drawback, but, is that if you need to alternate templates, you need to begin from scratch. Find out more in our Wix evaluate.


  • Connect Domain: $5 a month (not available within the US sadly)
  • Combo: $14 a month
  • Unlimited: $18 a month
  • Business Basic: $23 a month
  • VIP: $39 a month

After Wix modified its premium ranges and raised prices some time back, it’s no longer without a doubt a reasonably-priced internet site builder anymore. Especially in the US, in which the low-cost Connect Domain plan isn’t to be had. You’ll opt for Wix more for its high-quality and the characteristic bandwidth as opposed to its price.

> Try Wix at no cost


After raising their expenses with the launch of Jimdo Dolphin, it isn’t always a virtually cheap option anymore. Their focus is on ease of use as you’ll be guided through the website advent process step-with the aid of-step. Considering this it may nonetheless emerge as inexpensive than different site developers if their guided creation method will dispose of the want for a programmer or clothier. It’s a pity Jimdo doesn’t offer monthly payments as all their plans require prepayment for 12 months.


  • Start: $9 a month
  • Grow: $15 a month

>Try Jimdo at no cost


This New York metropolis-based internet site builder gives a piece of a distinct approach. Instead of supplying a cloud answer, you could download its software program to create your internet site out of your laptop. It might be a good answer if you are searching out an off-line tool.

The templates are modern-day-looking and it has enough kind of them. A good bonus is that it integrates with numerous CMSs like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. You’ll be capable of access a CSS and JavaScript editor.

Sadly, this tool is handiest to be had for Windows users, Mac and Linux customers will want a workaround (e.g. use a digital system). Another capacity downside (for some) is that you’ll want to attend to the software updates yourself, and you’ll require a website hosting company to host your website.


Standard Edition: $49

Professional Edition: $ninety nine


HostGator, a hosting massive, launched their Gator internet site builder in early 2019. They have an outstanding series of swanky mobile-pleasant templates (greater than two hundred). These are classified by means of niche, so finding one that suits your needs have to be clean. The Gator editor is as flexible as Wix’s, and it comes with some pre-built blocks (e.g. ‘Meet the crew’) which could make your web site layout less complicated.

At times, you come across a few limitations because it’s still a young product. For example, it’s now not feasible to schedule weblog posts, and it doesn’t have publish classes – it most effective comes with tags.


  • Starter: $nine.22 a month
  • Premium: $12.29 a month
  • eCommerce: $19.98 a month

Gator internet site builder offers massive discounts at some stage in the primary 12 months.

> Try Gator for 45 days unfastened

DreamHost’s Website Builder for WordPress

DreamHost is one in all my Top 3 favourite website hosting companies. They are fast, dependable and their help is pleasant – as a result why 1.five million websites are hosted on DreamHost. All of their website hosting plans offer a internet site builder for WordPress (Boldgrid) that makes website introduction and control simpler.

It comes with over 200 contemporary-searching templates to pick from. There are several building blocks to be had, together with textual content, snap shots, sliders, buttons, videos, maps and forms. Their editor additionally makes it feasible to evolve different styling alternatives (e.g. padding, borders, background photographs or shadows). It’s a stable option to begin reasonably-priced, in case you don’t thoughts using WordPress (a greater technical platform).


  • Shared Starter: $6.99 a month (1 website)
  • Shared Unlimited: $12.99 a month (limitless web sites)

Note: Be aware that if you sign on for 3 years you get even lower charges. For example, the Shared Starter plan is $2.59 a month and the Unlimited $three.ninety five a month.

> More facts


Many of the tools we’ve referred to right here let you create on-line shops. But if you are serious about ecommerce and don’t need to use complex systems like Magento or WooCommerce, Shopify is your great alternative. It isn’t the cheapest online store builder, however it is the sturdiest one. Check out our Shopify evaluate for extra data.


  • Basic: $26 a month
  • Shopify: $seventy one a month
  • Advanced: $266 a month

> Try Shopify at no cost (the open-supply version)

As we saw above, those internet site builders (like Weebly and Wix) are for creating simple websites. If you’re running on something more complicated and want to create your internet site your self to store some cash, is a incredible choice.

WordPress itself isn’t a internet site builder, because it’s a piece extra complicated and requires technical information. Even although the software is unfastened, you’ll should find a carrier issuer to host your WordPress website. One option is’s hosting provider.  You could also create a website immediately at, however to get the equal functions as in, you’ll need at the least the Business plan – now not the cheapest answer. See our full comparison of and .com right here.

WordPress is ideal for growing directories (e.g. commercials), your own social networks, marketplaces (like eBay or Amazon) or every other type of complex website. The simplest and most inexpensive choice could be to build it with a template (e.g. Themeforest or Elegant Themes), so one can make things easier for you. Even then, you may nevertheless need technical capabilities sooner or later.

> More about

This is an exciting one. On the one hand, offers a truthful person interface that borrows many factors from Weebly (which is a positive aspect). The template designs are not mind-blowing but will do their process.

But right here’s the capture. Like Bluehost, Hostgator, Constant Contact and plenty of greater corporations, now belongs to the internet website hosting giant EIG. Unfortunately, in this case they saved the dodgy pricing strategy the preceding owners had applied. That approach plenty of small print and hidden expenses.


The domain name is unfastened for the primary year however then renews at $37.99/year, that’s an absurd amount for a .com domain (a regular rate might be round $12). But that’s no longer all as you furthermore mght get to “revel in” privacy protection in your area name, that is best free for the primary month and costs $1.ninety five each month thereafter.

A flavor of’s small print (magnified, so it’s really readable)

Making sense in their internet site builder costs is a comparable journey related to plenty of small print. They in particular promote reasonably-priced-looking costs like $1.ninety five, $2.ninety five or $3.95. However, searching a bit nearer we analyze that this low price simplest applies to the first four weeks (and no, not a full month, their billing uses blocks of four weeks for crying out loud!). The renewal price is $10 in step with month 4 weeks after that.

The internet site builder itself isn’t terrible however the pricing thoroughly is. And I am no longer even sure if I’ve exposed all their surprises. This one is a crystal clean no from us.

Website builders vs. expert website designers

Designing a expert internet site prices cash due to the fact the work takes time and abilities that no longer absolutely everyone has. It’s like getting a tailor-made fit – you can’t without a doubt expect the tailor to fee you best $two hundred for that match, right?

There are some promotions from low-value (pseudo) internet designers, who say they can do your internet site for $100 or $2 hundred. But this type of reasonably-priced website design normally comes with a few downsides:

  • search engine optimization: They don’t work for optimizing your ratings. If a person says they can do your search engine marketing and create your internet site for $200, they’re both lying or won’t do a good process. Your great bet would be to construct an search engine optimization-optimized website your self.
  • Duplicate content material: Sometimes they may reuse texts for different purposes. This can have disastrous consequences for your web site’s search engine optimization, and your text will sound artificial.
  • Poor designs: They typically paintings with pre-made templates, which sometimes appearance unpleasant. What’s more, they’re not very flexible and won’t completely in shape your wishes.
  • Hard to update: One day you would possibly need to exchange your website’s history coloration, for instance. More often than now not, you’ll should understand code to try this (HTML or CSS).
  • Security: We’ve heard that once in a while those varieties of offers incorporate malicious code that might hurt your commercial enterprise. For example, they may upload back links to different pages.
  • Have we met earlier than? I don’t bear in mind… Once they’ve created (and charged you for) the website, they will actually no longer want to help you in case you encounter any troubles (unless you pay for it). You want in order to believe the person that created your website.

Let me come up with an example: in my community there are 6 or 7 barbershops, with prices for a haircut running from $five to $25. Between you and me, I would never go to a barber that prices most effective $5 – I understand they wouldn’t pay a great deal attention. It’s simply common sense: you’d have to cut 30 human beings’s hair to get $a hundred and fifty, whilst the others simplest need 6 customers. If I come out of the $five-barber with a botched ‘do, he’d say “What did you assume for $five?”

Here’s every other first-rate example of pleasant vs. cost:

The different desire is to create your own website. Some of the cheapest website developers will allow you to build and submit your very own website (some of them even at no cost). The best element is that these solutions aren’t tough to apply. They have visible layouts in which you can add sections, text, photographs, or even motion pictures, and they on occasion include templates that you could customize in your wishes.

If you aren’t positive approximately how to begin creating your very own website, you could down load our free website creation manual. It’ll help you intend, design, and post your internet site.

Cost of creating (and preserving) a websiteCreate it yourself with a internet site builder.

Low-price internet ‘designer’

Professional internet developerPrice

$2.forty five – $26 a month

$250 – $six hundred as soon as

$25 – $60 in keeping with hour


Included – 15/yr




$five – $50/month

$five – $50/monthPlugins

Includes the fundamentals

$15 – $70/year

$15 – $70/yearNew designs


Extra cost

Extra costMaintenance and updates


Extra value

Extra costSupport


Extra cost

Extra costCost

Between $7 to $25 a month

Between $5 to $150 a month


$250 to $600 in improvement

Between $five to $one hundred fifty a month


$800 to $1500 in design

All web sites cost cash, but some price greater than others. If you need a low-value internet site, the cheapest option is to make it your self with a low-fee internet site builder.

The gain of the use of an internet builder is which you gained’t have to pay a expert (or pseudo-professional) to create the internet site for you. That’s wherein you’ll keep the most.

What’s extra, some professionally created pages can require extensions (plugins) that have an annual value, like a plugin to process on-line payments or create modern-day photograph galleries. These capabilities are normally covered without spending a dime in internet site developers like Wix and Weebly.

Your internet site will need to be hosted on a server for it to be on-line. It’s quite an awful lot how a book is ‘hosted’ on a library shelf. There are many styles of net website hosting services for a wide range of expenses, however even though hosting is cheap, it’s hard to discover some thing for less than $four or $5 a month. With website developers, website hosting is protected, so you received’t ought to pay a penny extra.

If you want to make modifications on your website, it will be difficult that allows you to do it your self in case you don’t have any technical capabilities. You’ll have to name a developer, who will price you for it. Tools like Wix or are smooth to use and intuitive, and you could make the changes speedy, yourself.

The equal is going for updates and preservation, that are unavoidable. You may also should touch the programmer if you use WordPress or something similar. On the alternative hand, website developers cope with those responsibilities, and also you won’t have to elevate a finger.

You’ll locate extra info approximately the unique charges in our certain guide approximately website charges.

Pros and cons of making your own website with a website builder

Of direction, website builders aren’t always the right solution. For this reason, I’d like to present a short evaluate of the professionals and cons so you realize whether or not it will be an excellent fit for you.



  • Cheap internet layout: There is not any inexpensive way to create a website.
  • Easy to update: Since you don’t need any technical capabilities, you may replace it your self, each time you need.
  • No technical renovation: The website builder looks after protection and security, and you don’t need to do some thing.
  • You can create the website but you want: You control the content and layout of your internet site.
  • You’re in fee of the content and search engine optimization: Good content and desirable search engine optimization optimization are vital on your internet site’s success.
  • Support: Website builders include personalized help of their applications, so when you have any problem, you can always contact them.
  • Takes time: You (or whoever is supporting you) can be in price of the undertaking, so that you’ll must make investments a while.
  • Complicated tasks: Generally, in case you need some thing complicated (e.g. a listing or social community), website developers fall short.
  • Big projects: If you’re beginning a massive assignment, website developers gained’t be your quality choice due to the fact they may be hard to manage.

Final mind on the cheapest internet site builders

As we saw, there are numerous methods to build reasonably-priced web sites. You can rent a ‘expert’ who fees peanuts and create a low-fee website, or you may do it your self with some of the answers that we referred to before.

I assume the nice way to make certain your website has the fine excellent and gets an awesome Google ranking is being worried inside the advent yourself. We’ve created a free guide that will help you release your personal internet site speedy and cheaply.

> Compare the high-quality website developers


-28 May 2021: added

-10 Apr 2020: rate exchange

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-13 Nov 2019: brought

-12 Aug 2019: Ucraft pricing exchange

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-25 Feb 2019: Price boom for Jimdo Pro from $7.50 to $nine

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